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Mirrors in public spaces, such as sports facilities, swimming pools and lifts must comply with higher than ordinary glass safety and security requirements. The Secur 4 (50m) film is specially designed to be applied to the back of mirrors, providing protection by holding shattered glass in place in the event of an explosion, fire or impact.


  • Warranty SOLAR SCREEN®

    5 yearsSee the 'New guarantees for outdoor products' notice
  • Fire-Resistance Rating

  • Storage From -5°C To +40°C

    3 years
  • Reach Rohs Compliant

  • European Standard EN 12600

  • Widths Available

    152 cm  


  1. 1.Polyester 100μ
  2. 2.Reinforced PS Adhesive to accompany the elasticity of the film in case of impact, glass polymerization within 30 days
  3. 3.Paper release liner allowing digital cutting

Maintenance Instructions

Solar Screen
Safety film with reinforced PS adhesive requiring a suitable application solution (Film On ref 600-F0355 and 2cl/litre of water) and a suitable safety squeegee 150-054/150-055/150-056. Do not clean for at least 1 month and do not apply stickers or other adhesives to the film.

Technical Datasheet

Data from a product applied to a clear 3 mm glass (* on double glazing 4-16-4)

Ultraviolet Transmission5%
Visible Light Transmission85%
Reflection Of External Visible Light11%
Reflection Of Internal Visible Light11%
Total Solar Energy Rejected19%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 2*20%
Solar Ratio :
Solar Energy Reflection9%
Solar Energy Absorption14%
Solar Energy Transmission77%
Reduction In Solar Glare14%
Shading Coefficient0.9
Installation TypeInterior
Roll Length50 meters
Film CompositionPET
Colour From The OutsideTRANSPARENT

Installation Advice

Vertical position and standard glass surface**

Clear Single Pane
Tinted Single Pane
Reflective Tinted Single Pane
Clear Double Pane
Tinted Double Pane
Reflective Tinted Double Pane
Gas-Filled Double Pane - Low E
Stadip Ext. Clear Double Pane
Stadip Int. Clear Double Pane



Not Recommended

\*Recommendations provided on the basis of a glazed surface covering up to 2.5m².

Icon info

The information on this data sheet is not binding; SOLAR SCREEN® reserves the right to change the composition of its products at any time. Please consult our warranty terms and general sales conditions.

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Energy cost reduction results are provided for reference and may vary from actual savings, depending on many factors (actual local energy costs, shading from adjacent buildings, glass quality...). To receive a detailed and accurate forecast of future savings for your project with the installation of this adhesive product.,

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