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How to avoid condensation on a store window?



Fog is a real nuisance for store windows. It blocks the view and spoils the general aesthetics of your storefront. But there is an easy solution to combat fogging of windows: anti-fog adhesive films.

Here are all the questions you might have about these express solutions that prevent condensation from settling on your store window.

Why use an anti fog film on your window?

The fog that regularly forms on store windows is unsightly and can even be a real hindrance to your business. When it appears on the windows of your business, it drowns the view of your store in a blurred and foggy cloud.

This is not very attractive for a potential customer who would like to visit your store. The mere sight of the window full of fog is enough to make him turn back, not wanting to enter a damp and unwelcoming store. Also, once the fog clears, it can leave dirty marks on the surfaces where it forms. Solar Screen Adhesive Film prevents fogging of your store windows and keeps your windows clear and clean.

What type of store needs anti condensation films?

Any type of business or location may need a window film that protects against condensation. Fogging on glass surfaces is caused by sudden and severe temperature changes in places with high humidity.

This can be the case in establishments such as saunas, swimming pools or refrigerated rooms. But in reality, anti-condensation film is indispensable in all businesses: independent stores, supermarkets, bakeries, jewellers, florists and even restaurants and museums... In short, any place that receives the public and that can sometimes present a great contrast in temperature between the inside and outside.

What are the other advantages of an anti condensation film

In addition to countering condensation and avoiding the formation of droplets on the windows, the anti-fog adhesive film has other advantages. It should be noted that it is completely transparent and does not constitute an obstacle to daylight. Your interior remains bright, just like before.

However, it has solar protection properties. Indeed, it blocks 99% of UV rays entering the room, which protects you from glare and damage to furniture. Thanks to its hard coating, it also protects your windows from common scratches and guarantees a neat result and always clear windows.

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