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Transform the decoration of the windows of your hair salon



Wondering why you should decorate your hair or beauty salon? There are many reasons to boost your interior design.

Solar Screen has compiled a non-exhaustive list of reasons to decorate your hair salon with a sparkling effect, especially with the help of window graphics.

Decorating your hair salon is about making your clients feel comfortable

There is nothing better than a satisfied customer. This is obviously due to your services and your hairdressing skills. But the decoration also plays an important role in the general appreciation of your visitors. A modern and warm decoration will contribute to make them have a good time and will make them want to come back.

It's a smart way to build customer loyalty. So bring out the interior designer in you and transform your hair salon into an ultra design place.

Transform your shop window to catch the customer's eye

Do you want to attract new customers to your salon? The decoration of your shop window must be attractive. Showcase your style and taste with beautiful window treatments.

Solar Screen offers adhesive window films and glass surfaces that are easy to apply and quick to remove when needed. It's an undeniable decorative asset. Imagine a window display with a wide variety of patterns: lines, curves, geometrical shapes, floral motifs... And for a surreal atmosphere, you can even dare to use colored decorative films.

Decorate your living room window to highlight your brand image

The advantage of a decorative window film is that it allows you to create infinite decorations. Solar Screen offers 100% customizable films. To bring out your personality and highlight the strong identity of your brand, put a message on your window, print your company logo or even photos of your favorite hairstyles...

Redecorate your hair salon to stand out from the competition

To carry out a beautiful decoration of window of its hairdressing or beauty salon, it is above all to dissociate itself from its competitors. It is to be avant-garde and original.

A beautiful window, it marks the spirits. No doubt that passers-by will be intrigued by creatively decorated windows and a neat and original interior design. It is then a free advertisement that will highlight your passion for your work. But it's also a great way to show that you are THE hairdressing reference in your city.

Redecorate your salon to feel comfortable in your workplace

Thanks to a beautiful decoration, customers will not be the only ones to be happy to come to your salon. After all, it's just as important for you and your entire team to feel comfortable in your workplace.

Beautiful decorations bring good humor and vitality. It makes you want to go to work every day in a warm atmosphere. Especially if you have taken care of the design of your store interior and the decoration of your windows yourself with a Solar Screen decorative film.

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