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Dress up your windows with a simple adhesive film



Windows are everywhere around us and they are often imposing. We often place curtains in front of them that are not very pleasing to the eye. Curtains require large rods that can break the design of the room.

However, there are alternatives to curtains, which are even more effective because they have no limits except your creativity: the adhesive films for windows.

Window films are often overlooked, yet they serve their purpose perfectly. The design of your windows could become radically different and much more elegant.

What are adhesive films?

They are adhesive films that are stuck on the windows, inside or outside. They can replace curtains and allow you to go much further in the personalization.

At Solar Screen, you will find several types of decorative films to dress up your windows.

Gradient decorative films

These films are very interesting to protect yourself from the opposite side, in addition to having patterns all as aesthetic as each other, they will allow the light to pass through while preventing you from seeing through.

Decorative gradient films are particularly used for balconies, bay windows but also for professional offices because they guarantee total privacy.

Patterned films

If you want to extend your interior design to your windows, these films are ideal! You will find a huge range of patterns, whether they are tree-shaped, square, circular and many others, they will give your home the atmosphere it deserves.

Blackout films

Unlike previous films that let the light through, [blackout films] (/en/blog/why-use-a-blackout-window-film) allow you to be in complete darkness, perfect for certain situations such as a room to watch movies for example, but many other uses will benefit from it.

Transparent colored films

You want to give a specific atmosphere to a room? These glass films let the light through completely while dressing your windows with a pleasant and warm color. They can also be used between partitions to create a play of light inside.

As you can see, self-adhesive design films can be used in a wide range of situations, but let's take a look at a concrete situation: store windows.

Decorate your shop window with self-adhesive films

Store windows are all alike, so a well-decorated window will immediately catch the eye of passers-by. With the possibilities offered by self-adhesive films, it is possible to give them a particular style, for example for the holidays to follow the trends with colored films.

In a hairdresser's salon, it is possible to apply frosted films to avoid being seen from the outside while keeping the interior brightness that professionals need.

An art gallery will be able to free itself from the sunlight thanks to the occulting films in order to preserve the desired artificial light.

Whether for professionals or individuals, adhesive films are often a more economical and durable solution than more "traditional" solutions, so do not hesitate to contact our teams so that they can direct you to the right products!

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