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Transform office glass walls with designer film


Adding decorative films to glass walls within an office can be a great way to personalize the space, improve the aesthetics of an area and offer a certain level of privacy. Here are a few ideas for designer films for office windows.

Frosted film for windows

Frosted or frosted films are highly appreciated for the comfort and privacy they provide within an interior. For example, to divide a space in your office in a modern, designer way, you can apply a decorative film to glass walls.

Solar Screen offers different opacities, patterns and textures to create the desired effect. Decorate your company's bay windows, railings and glass partitions. And for an even more modern design touch, you can opt for colored frosted films. They add a subtle tint to the glass, while retaining its translucency. This can add warmth or personality to the space.

Patterned film for office glass walls

There are a multitude of decorative film models that are perfect for decorating the glass walls of your office.

Floral or plant motifs bring a touch of freshness and nature to your workspace. Geometric shapes add elegance and chic. Lines, lozenges, curves and abstract shapes will lend a modern charm to a coworking space or open-plan office.

For a rest area in your company, opt for light, natural patterns: waves, leaves, snowflakes... They'll help create a soothing ambience for employees' well-being.

Textured glass film to enhance your office design

**Want to add a touch of class and elegance to your office? **

Opt for textured film. This type of film can be applied to the glass walls of a meeting room, or to the glass doors of a study or office, to preserve privacy. However, they retain the full intensity of natural light, creating an isolated yet luminous cocoon within a professional space.


Customized film for your store

For a 100% unique touch in your office or shop, create a customized design for your film. This can include your company logo, illustrations specific to your field of activity or even unique artwork. Solar Screen prints the motifs of your choice directly onto the window film.

Mirror film for privacy

Mirror films offer privacy while partially reflecting the outside world. They are generally installed on windows to protect against the glare of neighbors or passers-by.

But they can also be affixed to glass walls within an office to add a touch of design or to delimit a workspace. Another advantage of mirror film is that it gives the illusion of a larger space.

Opaque film to delimit a room

If you want to completely isolate a space in your office that has only glass walls, opt for opaque film. Choose the color and create a space protected from prying eyes.

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