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Modernise your glass surfaces by protecting them from prying eyes with an opalescent film



Opalescent film gives your glass a frosted appearance and can be used to completely or partially hide an office, a living room, a storeroom, a laboratory, etc. in any public or private place. This opaque film protects from view, but allows light to pass through, and considerably reduces glare while allowing shadows to show through. Very elegant, it is suitable for all types of decor.

Maintain your privacy with opalescent film

The opalescent film is an excellent way to enhance the privacy of a room, office, premises, or any exposed area behind a large or small glass surface. Opalescence gives a new property to your windows by giving them a frosted and sandblasted finish.

In addition to preserving your privacy, this adhesive film transforms your windows and gives them a modern touch. Depending on the finish chosen (frosted, matt, grey, etc.) or by applying the film halfway up, you can give your windows a different look.

This glazing film avoids prying eyes during the day and at night. It is an ideal solution to protect you from the outside world while letting light into your home. There is no darkening of the rooms. It is also translucent, which makes it possible to distinguish objects and people.

By opting for an opalescent adhesive film, you are choosing a durable and economical solution. You no longer need to change the entire glazing to meet your needs and requirements. The coating changes the appearance of your windows at a lower cost.


The opalescent adhesive film meets all your needs

The opalescent film is ideal for all intimate rooms and public or private areas: bathrooms, bedrooms, medical practices, laboratories, offices, storage areas, etc.

More generally, if you are looking to cut off too much light from near or far, while still allowing light to enter, then opalescent adhesive films are the solution for your premises.

How do you apply an opalescent film?

Before installing the film, it is important to gather the following materials:

  • a cutter
  • a sprayer
  • a soap solution
  • a squeegee

Installation is just as easy as any other decorative adhesive film. First, scrape off any residue from the substrate to prevent bubbles from forming during installation. Then clean the glass. Apply the opalescent film while spraying the solution. Finally, using the squeegee, you need to press out both the water and the air bubbles. Use the cutter to cut off the excess film and adjust the coating perfectly to the size of your surface.

Features of Solar Screen products

Solar Screen offers a range of opalescent window films. Our products are made of polyester that reproduces the appearance of sandblasted glass. You have a choice of finishes and colours. Some references even allow you to combine opacity with solar protection.

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