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Team cohesion and social impact: A look back at the Run for Kids Solidarity Challenge with Michael Keser


At the beginning of this year, our company launched an ambitious challenge to our entire team: a solidarity challenge aimed at strengthening collaboration between the different departments, while providing valuable assistance to children in need . For six months, we took part in group running sessions during our lunch breaks, with the common goal of improving our physical condition, while making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.

Today, as the challenge has come to an end, it is time to draw conclusions from this landmark experience for our company.

Enhanced synergy between teams

Over the months, we have seen some changes within our company. Active participation in this challenge has brought our teams even closer together. Running together, sharing our progress and encouraging each other have created bonds that have transcended departmental borders. This complicity is felt even more in our daily professional life, promoting fluid communication and better cooperation between the various departments.

A commitment to a noble cause

Beyond the competitive aspect of the challenge, the real motivation lay in our desire to help poor children. Each kilometer traveled had a value far greater than that of a mere distance. Each step brought us closer to our common objective: to help improve the lives of the most disadvantaged. Thanks to our perseverance and determination, we have accumulated an impressive number of kilometers which resulted in a donation for an association that takes care of children in need. This is the association Edelweiss Center d'accueil aux jeunes, which welcomes young people (girls and boys) from 0 to 18 years old, schooled or not, apprentices or young workers with the possibility of guidance until 20 years. Located in the commune of Fauvillers, a small village between Bastogne and Martelange, Edelweiss accompanies young people by guiding them in their socio-educational journey. You can get to know them better by going to their Facebook page.

The benefits of regular physical activity

Besides the positive social impact, the Run for Kids Challenge has also made us aware of the benefits of regular physical exercise. Running together during the lunch break gave us new energy, making us more alert and productive in the afternoon. This sporting activity has also helped to improve our general well-being, reducing stress and strengthening our physical and mental health. We even launched a logbook around this activity, which resulted in regular communications about the challenge on our Linkedin page. If you want to find out how the grand finale of the event went, it's over here.

In conclusion, our six-month adventure was much more than just a sporting competition. It allowed us to unite around a worthy cause and to develop strong bonds between colleagues. We are proud of everyone's involvement and the results achieved, and we look forward to replicating this great initiative in the future. We would also like to express our deep gratitude to all those who supported and guided us in this process, because it is thanks to you that this project was able to be a success!

At the heart of this adventure, Michael Keser, VP Sales & Cover Styl’ played an essential role. Thanks to his unfailing involvement, he was able to motivate the teams both by his own example, as well as by the regular updates on our progress and his inspiring and encouraging emails. Today we are delighted to bring you an exclusive video interview with Michael, in which he will share his experience as the organizer and pilot of this momentous event. He will answer several questions about the running of the Run for Kids Challenge by Solar Screen, the highlights he experienced with us, and the positive benefits we can derive from this enriching experience. Together, let's run towards a better future!

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