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How to cool a room without air conditioning? Thermal insulation film is THE natural solution


As part of our ecological commitment, it is necessary to limit the use of air conditioning in summer. But how can you avoid the heat in your south-facing offices or in your house full of bay windows?

Solar window film is an innovative solution that allows you to reduce your electricity bill and cool a room without using the air conditioning. Here are the many benefits and how it works.

Solar control film is an ideal insulator

To appreciate all the benefits of a adhesive window film, you must first understand how it works. Once stuck to the glass, it prevents the majority of UV rays from entering the room while allowing light to pass through. Up to 80% of the heat is stopped thanks to the reflective power of the film. This allows the room to remain cool even when temperatures outside are high.

Thermal film is effective in all seasons

In the summer you are looking for how to cool a room without air conditioning. In winter, you want to keep warm without blowing your heating bill.

Note that solar film for windows also serves as a thermal insulator during cold periods of the year. It prevents heat from escaping through the windows. This is a great way to reduce the use of air conditioning and radiators.

Solar window film is easy to apply

The installation of a UV protection film does not require the intervention of a professional. It is quick and easy. The film is self-adhesive and can therefore be easily applied to glass surfaces, windows and panes.

So if you want to know how to cool a room without air conditioning, you should know that the adhesive film can be used in all types of interiors: company offices, shops and businesses, houses and flats...

Temperature control film saves energy

By reducing the amount of heat entering through the windows, Solar Screen insulating film allows you to make significant savings on your energy bill. If you have an air conditioner, it can be turned on less often.

For example, on hot days, turn on your air conditioner for a few moments to cool the room. The heat protection film will do the rest of the work. It will prevent hot air from entering the room and prevent cool air from escaping.

How to cool a room without air conditioning? Solar film is an ecological solution


By reducing your heating and cooling usage, you save money while reducing your carbon footprint. If you don't know how to cool a room without an air conditioner, the thermal insulation sticker is a natural and eco-responsible solution that is essential in any season.

Window film allows you to play with different designs

You can also use solar control film as a glare-free solution.

Solar Screen offers a range of window tapes in various designs. Totally neutral and transparent, mirror effect film, coloured film... Choose the one that suits your interior and offer your home or office an optimal thermal protection solution.

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