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Protect yourself from the heat with a solar car film



When the temperature is high, the temperature in your car's interior rises, especially when the windows are rolled up. Your first instinct? Turn on the air conditioning, of course! But there are other ways to combat the heat in the car, and with other advantages too: car window film.

Solar Screen presents its Beluga range of six films in different shades, from light to dark. The innovative construction of the Beluga films, with their nano-ceramic technology, makes them more effective than the original, simply tinted window.

What is a car window film with nano-ceramic technology?

The projection of ceramic nanoparticles has two main properties. Firstly, this technology allows for a very intense black tint, which is usually a very difficult tint to achieve. Secondly, the ceramic has a very high heat absorption capacity. These characteristics make the Beluga range the best car window film you can find for maximum comfort.


What are the advantages of a car solar window film?

  • Sun protection: even in the car, the sun's rays that penetrate windows and windscreens are harmful. They have a considerable impact, whether on the life of the dashboard and seat covers or even on you directly. Solar Screen's Beluga range of car window film offers tints that block UV rays, reject up to 67% of the solar energy that heats your car and reduce glare by up to 94%.

  • Enhanced security: a car is an easy target for thieves and muggers. The tinted film provides an extra layer of security. It will take twice as long for criminals to break tinted windows, which is a very effective deterrent.

  • **More privacy: **If you want to maintain your privacy, even when traveling with your vehicle, our various tints will necessarily meet your needs. Our products will be the best way to achieve the desired degree of discretion and avoid prying eyes.

  • Energy savings: car window film helps to reduce heat in summer. In fact, it is an extremely efficient thermal insulator, allowing less use of air conditioning.

  • Aesthetic reasons: in addition to the protection against glare, UV, heat, and its safety benefits, the tinted window allows you to personalise your car according to your tastes and needs.

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