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Energy savings in the office: solar film as an insulation solution



Are you looking for a thermal optimization solution for your business premises? Do you dream of reducing your heating and cooling bill and making energy savings in your office?

There is a solution that is easy to install, easy to maintain and inexpensive: adhesive solar film. Here's everything you need to know about this economical and efficient insulation system.

To save energy in the office, get to the root of the problem

Throughout the year, your workplace is subject to temperature fluctuations. In winter, heating consumes a lot of energy. In the summer, air conditioning takes over.

Are you tired of high electricity bills? Do you want a more economical workplace and a real solution to reduce your office energy consumption? Start by insulating your windows!

By applying an anti-cold and anti-heat adhesive film to your windows, you are directly addressing the source of the problem. Indeed, it is through your windows and bay windows that the interior heat escapes in winter and that it penetrates from outside in summer.

The solution to reduce energy costs: solar film

A solar film has a double function. It protects you from the cold in winter and allows you to reduce your heating bill. It also offers considerable energy savings, since it helps to contain the heat inside the room and allows you to turn on your radiators less often.

But that's not all. When the temperature rises, window film prevents the sun's heat from penetrating the interior. It also absorbs UV rays, so you use the air conditioning less. It's an effective way to regulate the temperature in a room naturally, without gas or electricity.

The many advantages of a solar adhesive film

To save energy at work, simply apply the insulating film to all windows. Whether it is installed inside or outside, it guarantees a more pleasant temperature in your premises.

But in addition to being a natural heat regulator, self-adhesive window film has other advantages! Thanks to its anti-sun action, it prevents glare and the degradation of your interior by UV rays.

To suit your tastes and preferences, Solar Screen also offers various adhesive films for windows: mirror films, colored films or neutral films. This is a real design solution for your windows. A touch of elegance, originality and modernity within your professional premises.

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