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What is polycarbonate heat-shielding film?


Do you know what polycarbonate heat-shielding film is and what it's used for? It's actually a transparent adhesive material specially designed for application to surfaces such as glass or polycarbonate panels. Find out more about its properties and benefits.

What is the purpose of anti-heat film?

The main purpose of anti-heat film is to stop the sun's harmful rays penetrating the interior of an apartment, office, business premises, etc. It is generally applied to windows, French windows or bay windows made of glass or polycarbonate.

It is generally applied to windows, French windows or bay windows made of glass or polycarbonate. It creates a real barrier against UV rays. However, it is specially designed to let daylight in without altering the brightness of the room.

In this way, it protects business from fading. It also reduces glare from the sun. The visual discomfort caused by the sun's reflection on screens is also significantly reduced. Solar window film also has anti-heat properties. This means it can be used to reduce indoor temperatures without the need for air conditioning.

Where and how to use anti-heat film?

Anti-heat film is highly versatile. It can be used in any interior to protect against heat and excessive, annoying sunlight.

For example, it's ideal for use on windows in offices and businesses, as it reduces glare, reflections from screens and temperatures inside the room. It can also be applied to bay windows and house windows to reduce electricity bills and avoid the need to install air conditioning.

In summer, it ensures an even temperature inside the house, while in winter it plays the opposite role, acting as a real barrier against the cold by retaining heat inside. It is also recommended for verandas, glass roofs and terraces.

Anti-heat film for polycarbonate is also frequently used in greenhouses, verandas, pool shelters and polycarbonate roofs to improve thermal comfort and reduce overheating in these generally poorly ventilated interior spaces.

It guarantees perfect adhesion to both plastic and glass. Anti-heat film can also be applied to car windows to prevent overheating and reduce air-conditioning use.

Advantages of polycarbonate heat protection film

Solar protection film offers a number of significant advantages, improving living comfort and guaranteeing greater eye safety. It also extends the life of your furniture and decorative objects by blocking UV rays. It also saves you money on your energy bill, as you can avoid using air conditioning in summer and reduce heating in winter.

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