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Adhesive film to insulate your windows against heat



Insulating your windows against heat reduces your dependence on the use of certain equipment such as air conditioning. Heat insulation with window film will ensure a comfortable temperature in your home, even on hot days.

Solar Screen supplies heat insulation adhesive films for all types of commercial and residential buildings.

Why insulate your windows against heat with adhesive film?

If you are looking for a way to protect your home or business from heat without completely replacing your existing windows, window heat insulation with an adhesive film is one of the fastest, most effective, and affordable ways. This type of adhesive film can improve the performance of any type of residential or commercial glass, for a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass. Using adhesive film to insulate your windows against heat is an investment that can quickly pay for itself by reducing your air conditioning costs.

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How do window heat insulation adhesive films work?

The windows in your residential or commercial building can become a real source of overheating in your home if they are not insulated. Nowadays, with modern construction, many buildings have double or triple glazing, which provides heat insulation. But what about buildings with single glazed windows? In such cases, it is worth insulating your windows against heat with an adhesive film.

Heat insulation films add an extra layer of insulation to your existing glazing. The adhesive film works by blocking the energy from the sun's rays. By eliminating the energy from the sun, visible light is still able to pass through the glass while the temperature inside the room remains comfortable.

With Solar Screen solar control films, you can block up to 86% of the sun's energy and over 99% of UV rays. Insulating your windows against heat will reduce your energy bills, and reduce glare and UV exposure.

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The advantages of applying window heat insulation film

Energy savings: Window heat insulation film can help reduce the amount of heat transferred through windows, which can help reduce energy consumption by keeping indoor temperatures more consistent. This can result in lower heating and cooling bills.

UV protection: Some window films are designed to block UV radiation, which can help protect furniture, carpets, and other interior furnishings from fading and sun damage.

Glare reduction: Window films can help reduce the amount of glare entering a room, which can be particularly helpful for rooms with televisions or computer screens.

Improved comfort: Window films can help keep rooms at a more consistent temperature, reducing hot and cold spots and increasing overall comfort.

Privacy: Certain types of window films can provide privacy by obscuring the view into a room while still allowing light to enter.

Security: Some window films are designed to help hold shattered glass in place, which can improve the security of a building and reduce the risk of injury from broken glass.

It's worth noting that the effectiveness of window heat insulation film can vary depending on factors like the quality of the film, the type of window, and the climate in which it's installed.

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