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How to insulate your windows in winter without changing them?



Did you know that you can save money on your gas or electricity bill by insulating your windows this winter? To protect your home against the cold, several solutions exist. From the installation of anti-cold adhesive film to the insulation of the joints, find all the tips to guarantee an optimal thermal insulation of your windows during the winter months.

Focus on quality glass

To prevent the cold from infiltrating your home, consider installing quality glass. Indeed, these windows are the main source of heat loss during the winter months.

Of course, it's not always possible to replace all the windows in your home. If you can, you should still opt for double or even triple glazing. Do not change the entire window frame. Insulating only the glass should be enough to prevent cold from getting in.

Check the caulking joints

In the winter, to give the cold outside no chance, remember to regularly check your caulking joints. If they are worn or poorly installed, they will easily let in cool air, which will then spread very quickly throughout your home.

So remember to check and change them regularly. This is the best way to insulate a window for the winter while remaining economical. Note that there are rubber, foam, plastic or silicone seals. They are very easy to install yourself and can be found in any DIY store.


Use thermal curtains

Curtains are a good way to keep the cold out and insulate your windows in winter without changing them. Choose shutters or thermal curtains, specially designed for this purpose. They form a natural barrier that will prevent the cold that seeps in from spreading throughout the room. But unfortunately, curtains alone will not protect your windows from the cold, they must be combined with other insulation methods.

Insulate your windows in winter with thermal insulation film

Thermal insulation film](/en/adhesive-film/solar-control/thermal-insulation-adhesive-window-film/solar-80-c/147) is a foolproof trick to protect your home from the cold. Especially if you can't change all your windows. It retains heat and prevents the warm air in the room from leaving the room through the windows.

Very simple to use, it is easily glued to all glass walls. Once installed, it sends the heat back inside. But it also has another notable advantage. It also blocks UV rays and is just as effective against heat in summer. Thanks to this double action, it allows you to stay warm during the winter months and keep your home cool during the summer.

Find your ideal anti-cold adhesive film

There are several models of insulating adhesive films. Solar Screen offers a range of thermal insulation films. Contact us for more information on these 4 season films.

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