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Protect your bay windows against burglary with security film


Protect your bay windows against burglary with anti-burglary window film. It's an effective way of reinforcing the security of your home.

Anti-break-in films for windows and glass are designed to prevent any attempt to break or shatter the glass. They make it more difficult to break in through French windows and bay windows. Here's what they do.

How do break-in-resistant films protect your bay windows against burglary?

Security films are generally made from reinforced polyester, making them resistant to shocks and impacts. This means that, in the event of a break-in, the glass remains in place against the intruder.

The film protects your home and the people inside. Even when subjected to severe impact, the glass does not shatter into a thousand pieces, preventing burglary or robbery.

Are security window films visible?

Solar Screen offers high-quality anti-burglary films. Once installed on a shop window, bay window, window or glass door, they are invisible. As such, they do not detract from the overall aesthetics of a façade or house.

Another important point is that they don't affect the light inside the house. This makes them the ideal solution for protecting your bay windows against burglary, without reducing the light inside your home. Their robustness serves as armor for the glass, guaranteeing your safety.

Is window film a cost-effective security system?

Protective films for windows are an economical means of protection against intruders. Their affordable price means you can equip your home or business for less.

Unlike other security systems such as alarms, video surveillance or bulletproof glass, window film doesn't require a significant investment, nor does it need to be installed by professionals.

However, you can easily combine it with any other security technology for optimum protection.

How do I install anti-burglary film?

The glass film used to protect bay windows against burglary is very simple to install. It has an adhesive side, and is then stuck to the outside of the window or display case to make it resistant to impacts and scratches.

Its application requires no special technique. Just make sure you apply it to a clean, dry pane of glass and roll it on with a maroufler roller to eliminate any air bubbles. Maintenance is equally simple. Simply wipe with a damp cloth.

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