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Safety window films against intrusion



The windows in your home are constantly at risk of accidental damage and burglary, and if the glass is not tempered or laminated, the chances of it breaking and becoming an immediate hazard are much greater.

The application of a safety window film strengthens and solidifies your windows in the event of an impact to prevent glass breakage. This way, if your window were to be broken, it would still remain in one piece.

An effective solution: safety window films

The windows of a house are probably the favourite point of entry for burglars. In order to keep your possessions safe, as well as your own, it is necessary to improve the strength of your windows.

If you want to prevent break-ins, window security films are an inexpensive solution without necessarily changing the appearance of your windows. These safety window films that are applied to your existing windows are designed to be break-resistant and strengthen the glass to prevent break-ins. They make windows much more difficult to break into and slow down burglars, who often give up.

Once applied, safety window film works by placing an additional barrier on the glass. It helps protect against accidental breakage. If the glass does break, the security film ensures that it does so safely: it holds the broken pieces in place and does not let them fall out of the frame in a thousand pieces, the dangers of which are obvious.

But not only safety!

These safety films also have other benefits for you and your family's safety, such as UV and glare protection, heat reduction and even privacy.

When you apply an adhesive film to your windows, you will ultimately enjoy other benefits in addition to increased security.

Solar Screen safety films

Solar Screen offers a wide range of high-performance safety window films, each offering a different level of performance and different appearances. Each film differs in thickness and finish.

The most popular choice in appearance is the clear security film. It is advantageous because it protects your windows without altering the appearance of the glass or blocking the view from both sides.

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