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Are you afraid your car will be vandalised? Discover the anti-burglary film!



Solar Screen offers a range of security window films for cars to protect from intrusion. Tinted or clear, these protective films increase the resistance of the window. They delay any intrusion and prevent the window from shattering, protecting the goods and people inside the vehicle. Tinted glass also prevents the interior of the vehicle from being seen, thus providing additional protection.

What are the advantages of security and protection window films?

  • Reinforcement of glazing
  • Prevents and delays breakage
  • Retains broken glass

Protection against glass breakage

Anti-burglary film for cars considerably strengthens the windows and greatly reduces the risks associated with glass breakage (e.g. risk of injury). The occupants are protected in the event of an accident if the window is shattered by an intentional attempt or an accidental impact.


The window film is also a real retardant against intrusion attempts. It acts as a deterrent by increasing the break-in time. It protects the window against vandalism and carjacking.

Protection against theft

By opting for a security adhesive window film for car, you also protect your material goods from theft by keeping them out of sight. Our security window films comply with the standards of the tinted window law.

Solar Screen's plus :

This adhesive film, like all our ranges, has a life span of 15 to 20 years.

How does security film for cars work?

An anti-burglary film in your car simply increases the strength of the glass. The different layers of the adhesive have physical and mechanical characteristics, specially designed to mitigate the effects of bumps and knocks against the glass, by absorbing the energy created by the impact.

If the glass breaks, the adhesive forms a membrane that holds the broken glass together. The glass breaks, but stays in place, preventing the glass from shattering and the pieces from scattering around the cabin.

Anti-break-in films from Solar Screen

With Solar Screen, you can choose to keep your car windows transparent or opt for a tint to protect you from prying eyes and maintain your privacy. In addition to being protective, the anti-burglary car film offers protection against UV and solar heat. While meeting the strictest security standards, you benefit from optimal protection on three levels: security, warmth, and privacy!

Which windows should be protected?

This protective and safety film can protect all the windows of your car. It can be applied to the windscreen, side and rear windows. The car burglary protection film meets your requirements, even if you want to maintain the appearance of your car and benefit from a discreet device. It does not change the shape of the windows or the colour of the glass.

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