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Enjoy peace of mind on the road with solar car film!



The primary purpose of car solar window film is to protect against the sun and heat. When the outside temperature rises, it acts as a solar protection by rejecting the sun's UV rays and keeping the interior of the car cooler.

The main characteristics of the sun protection films for cars

With our solar car film, you can tint your car windows and windscreen in a wide range of colours. Our range offers solutions for protection against heat and cold. These adhesives also reduce glare and increase safety.

Our car window film is based on the latest technology. It uses "nano-ceramic" particles to guarantee protection against UV and solar heat, while being transparent. An aesthetic, comfortable and effective solution. This professional ceramic quality makes the product exceptionally durable and is guaranteed for 15 years by SOLAR SCREEN. Regardless of the tint chosen, the solar film for cars complies with the legislation in force for vehicle front windows. More or less transparent, it allows a maximum of light to pass through the windows. Our entire range of adhesive film is available in cut-to-size for customised installation.

The advantages of our solar car film- Protection from the sun and heat: with tinted windows, there's no need for a sun visor and an overheated passenger compartment- Excellent light transmission- Energy-saving (less use of air conditioning)- Greater safety: in the event of an accident, glass breakage, or crime, the solar film holds back pieces of glass and protects the occupants- Protection from prying eyes: more privacy and less temptation to steal- Improved driving comfort: reduced glare- More aesthetics for your vehicle- Low cost- Easy to install- Solar car film suitable for all windows

Our opinion on sun protection films for cars

For very regular drivers, this sun protection also protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to the epidermis. It also protects the car's materials (leather, plastic, or metal) from premature wear. In general, a solar film slows down and limits the tarnishing and discolouration of components, which often occur due to sun and light. Did you know that this adhesive car film also protects you from prying eyes? Ideal for privacy and confidentiality! Your belongings and objects inside the car are also concealed. The incentive to steal is therefore reduced.

Finally, solar film for cars is an additional safety feature. In the event of a break-in or road accident, it protects the interior of the vehicle and the occupants from broken glass. The risk of glare is also greatly reduced, which in turn reduces the risk of an accident.

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