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Solar window film to protect you from the sun effects



Discolouration of your interior, excess heat, annoying glare, lack of privacy, and increased air-conditioning bills are the major drawbacks of sunlight. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to these problems: solar window film. Installing a solar protection film on your glass surfaces is a practical and economical alternative.

What is solar window film?

Solar window film is a tough polyester sheet, treated with a number of proven processes to improve the appearance and performance of existing glazing. One side is coated with a scratch-resistant coating and the other with an adhesive so that the film conforms to the surface of the glass and becomes a true heat shield.

Solar window films help to control the sun's rays by reducing the influx of heat. They also reduce glare and the effects of UV rays on ourselves and the discolouration of our interiors.

Also, the big advantage of solar window films, and especially those of the Solar Screen range is the wide choice that is offered to you. A solar film is obviously chosen according to your needs but also according to your tastes: transparent film, coloured film, mirror effect film... You are spoilt for choice when it comes to the final look you wish to give your glass surfaces.

A solar window film for every issue

Window films can do much more than just control the sun's harmful effects, such as increasing the safety of your windows or giving you more privacy.

Do you want to reduce heat and glare while preserving light?

If you're sitting comfortably on your sofa, the glare from the hot afternoon sun can be reflected on your TV screens, making it less pleasant to relax. If you are faced with glare from the sun in your home or office, there are solar window films that can block up to 94% of the glare.

Need to retain some privacy?

When we don't want to be seen from the outside, we generally tend to draw the curtains or lower the blinds if we have them. Sure, your neighbours can't see you anymore, but it's now very dark! With solar protection films, such as mirror films, the heat will be rejected while regulating the view. You can't see it, you can't see it.

Combining efficiency with a decorative appearance?

Whether it's to comply with standards or simply because you don't like to be like everyone else, there is a whole range of coloured sun protection films, from the most neutral to the most original shade.

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