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You no longer have to fear graffiti with the installation of an adhesive film!



Shops and offices in urban areas are increasingly exposed to vandalism. Their shop windows and large glass surfaces are frequently affected by tags and graffiti, resulting in high restoration costs.

Thanks to anti-graffiti film, scratches and tags will be a thing of the past. SOLAR SCREEN offers you an effective and economical protection solution.

What are the advantages of anti-graffiti film?

  • Protects your windows from graffiti, tags, and scratches.
  • Suitable for all types of surfaces, including shop windows and bay windows.
  • Meets NF F 31-112 G1 and EN45545-1 level HL3 standards.
  • Solvent resistant for easy cleaning.
  • Transparency maintained.

Anti-graffiti film protects your windows from tags and scratches made on the glass. It is a very cost-effective protection solution as it avoids the potential costs of a cleaning company or, in the worst-case scenario, a window replacement. It also acts as an anti-burglary film: for added security, it strengthens the glazing and prevents the glass from shattering and splinters from spreading in the event of an impact.

How does anti-graffiti window film work?

Anti-graffiti film is a transparent adhesive film to be applied to a glass surface. Its protective role is twofold. Firstly, thanks to the extra thickness of the adhesive, the windows are protected from scratches.

Secondly, the film serves as a disposable layer after vandalism and tagging. It reduces the adhesion of tags and facilitates their cleaning, as it is resistant to solvents. In case of vandalism, you can easily replace the adhesive film without having to change your windows.

The products of the SOLAR SCREEN range

Clear 4 XC G anti-graffiti film protects your windows and panes of glass from various acts of vandalism: scratches or acid etching, tags and graffiti. It also has an anti-UV solar treatment, and therefore contributes to the preservation of your furniture and objects located behind the glass.

The Protec 4 C and Protec 6 C products are resistant to most solvents and cleaners. They are also burglar resistant and comply with NF F 31-112 G1 and EN45545-1 level HL3 standards. The multi-layer film has several lives! Made up of 4 layers of 100 microns, it protects glass surfaces against graffiti. You remove the layers one by one once they have been vandalised. After 4 layers, you have to install a new film.

All our anti-graffiti window films are M1 rated (non-flammable) and prevent the glass from shattering in case of impact.

Maintenance and removal Tips

After installation, the anti-graffiti film can be cleaned daily with soapy water. If your films are tagged or scratched, you can easily remove them with a mixture of hot water and a high concentration of soap. This mixture will weaken the adhesion, help to loosen, and allow the removal of adhesive residues.

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