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Why use a blackout film for windows?



It creates a warm atmosphere in the room and protects from prying eyes or unsightly vis-à-vis... The blackout window film has several roles and can be installed in different interiors. Here are all the situations in which you will need an opaque window film.

Window film protects from outside view

Window design is in vogue. Decorating your windows with a decorative adhesive film can bring a touch of design and freshness to a room. But window films are not only decorative. They can also serve as a real protection against unsightly faces or prying eyes.

Professionals and private individuals sometimes need to preserve their privacy. This is where the blackout film for windows comes in. It allows you to turn your apartment or office into a warm little bubble. But above all, it offers the possibility to hide from the view of passers-by or neighbors while letting in the daylight.

At Solar Screen, there are several models of privacy films to suit all types of use and all interiors.

Business privacy film

Is your business located on the ground floor, in a busy street? Or maybe it is located in front of a too close face? It is then preferable to protect your windows with a discretion film. This will offer privacy and serenity to your employees and allow them to fully concentrate on their work.

By blocking the view on both sides of the window, the opaque film creates a real bubble that separates the inside from the outside. But window film can also be used for other purposes. Used inside a company, it can also be used to separate the different professional spaces in an open space, for example.

Blackout film for bathrooms

Some rooms in the house undoubtedly require privacy. This is the case for your bathroom and washroom. If they have windows, then it will be essential to protect them from the outside view. For this, a blackout window film will be the best solution.

It allows daylight to enter the room without revealing what is going on inside. Easy to install, it can be applied to all glass walls such as shower glass or windows. To bring style to your bathroom, choose a blackout film with a gradient or pattern. Very resistant to humidity, it will remain in place for a long time without coming unstuck or deteriorating.

Adhesive films for medical office windows

There are certain professional fields where privacy is paramount. The medical and wellness fields are among them. If you have a medical practice or a massage and spa salon, blackout film will be essential in your premises.

Your patients and clients must feel safe and secure within your walls. Moreover, it is important to create an isolated space, without view on the outside, in order to offer your visitors a total relaxation. It is therefore preferable to apply an opaque privacy film on the windows to prevent any intrusion of eyes into your office while allowing daylight to penetrate.

Blackout window film to prevent unwanted attention

At home or in the workplace, some faces can sometimes spoil the view! We would like to do everything to avoid seeing them. Using privacy film allows you to hide an unsightly and invasive view while decorating your home.

Choose a design window film: floral patterns, geometric shapes or abstract decoration... You can also apply a total or partial blackout film with a nice gradient effect on your windows. Solar Screen offers a wide choice of designs.

The different models of privacy films

Solar Screen offers different models of privacy films specially designed for all needs and all types of interiors. So, to preserve your privacy while offering a design touch to your room, choose from our range of privacy films: one-way film that allows you to see without being seen, film with graphic prints, opalescent or frosted film...

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