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Protect your car with a protective film for bodywork



Your car has probably been an investment for you and, of course, you want to take care of it and prevent any possible small accidents such as scratches. Protect your car with Solar Screen's paint protection film.

How can you protect your car's bodywork?

A scratched or damaged bodywork, and your wallet takes a hit! There are many options available to you to preserve your car as much as possible:

  • Don't follow other cars too closely, as they may fly small debris or rocks that can impact your bodywork. This is especially true when driving at high speeds or on the highway.

  • Before using a brush or sponge on your car, remember to rinse it with water first to remove any dirt on your body that could scratch it during cleaning.

  • Remember to clean your car regularly. The more you clean your car, the less likely it is that small particles of dirt and sand will scratch and damage the paint.

  • Clean your wheel wells too! Dirt and mud tend to accumulate under the wheel wells of your car and create moisture that damages your car.

  • After cleaning or rinsing, be sure to dry your bodywork with a clean, soft cloth. One of the biggest mistakes made when cleaning a car is to reuse the same dirty cloth to dry their vehicle. This can create scratches.

  • Watch where you park! Parking under trees provides shade, but between falling branches, sap, and bird stains, your body is at risk for scratches and impacts.

You have a garage? Use it! Your car will be safe from any risk and, in winter, it will be protected from frost, salt and ice that can damage your car.

Solar Screen solution: a paint protection film

Solar Screen automotive window films are no longer needed. Thanks to these solar protection films, you are protected from the harmful effects of the sun and can drive with complete peace of mind.


But did you know that there are also adhesive protection films for car bodies?

Paint protection film, also known as "PPF", is a transparent, self-healing adhesive film that protects your car's paintwork** from impacts, stones, insect splashes, etc.

These body films can enhance the original look of your vehicle's paint and also protect against scratches.

Solar Screen's paint protection film range consists of three adhesive films to choose from for different desired results. The Protector Clear will protect your car's bodywork while providing a glossy, water-repellent finish to your car while the Protector Mat will provide a matte finish to your vehicle.

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