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Car window tint with Solar Screen films



Car window tint film is the application of an adhesive film with a darker or lighter tint to the windows of your car. There can be several reasons to opt for a car window tint, whether it is for technical or aesthetic reasons.

Car window tint to reduce heat

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having to take a car journey with a high temperature in the car.

If you are planning to buy a new car, you can purchase it directly with tinted windows by choosing this option. However, it should be noted that an original tinted window will not have the same properties as a window tinted with adhesive film. In addition, this option when purchasing a vehicle is more expensive than installing a car window tint film.

The heat from the sun consists of visible light, UV light, and infrared light. Some of the tinted car films offered by Solar Screen (depending on the chosen window film tint) will block up to 99% of the UV transmission.

Our Beluga range is specifically designed with nano-ceramic technology which has an immense heat absorption capacity. Find out more about this range by reading our article on Beluga tinted film.

Car window tint to reduce glare

Glare is a real nuisance when you have to drive. As well as being unpleasant, being dazzled in the car can be dangerous as it prevents you from seeing the road properly.

By choosing a car window tint film, all your glare problems will be behind you and you can get behind the wheel without being bothered.

Car window tint for more privacy


For some people, privacy is an important issue. Especially if, for example, you have long hours on the road with your children in the back of the car.

The darker the tinted film for your car, the more privacy you and your passengers will have and the more you will be protected from prying eyes. Your valuables stored in your car will also be safe from potential carjacking attempts.

Solar Screen offers a range of anti-carjacking films.

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